Some of the best known Adult Animal kigurumi costumes are the ones which feature characters from the Sesame Street TV show. The most popular one of this kind is called the “Pajamas Party”. It is made up of a blue outfit, which features on the cover of the show as well as pants and a headband. This is the perfect costume for a Christmas Eve party, as it goes well with both the color scheme of the day as well as that of the Christmas tree.

There are also Adult Animal kigurumi costumes which feature characters from the anime series. One of the most famous ones is the one which is worn by the “Sailor Charming”, who is known as Megumi Kaminashi. The costume itself is a long white dress that has a blue and white pattern printed on it. It is also complemented by a beautiful white apron that is used to help carry out the different tasks that the character does in the anime series. This Adult animal onesie Japanese kigurumi cosplay costume also comes with a detachable face mask which is used to help the character look like Megumi.

Among the Adult Animal kigurumi costumes, the one that features the character from the Disney film Finding Nemo is also gaining quite a lot of popularity. The design of this onesie is inspired by the original cartoon. It comes with a blue fishnet body suit which has an apron and fishnet arm band. A detachable nose piece and one brown ear are also included with the costume. A ball of fur similar to that of the protagonist’s is also included in the costume.

The “My Little Pony” Adult Animal onesie is another option you can choose to wear. This is a heavily padded kimono that features a brown, pink and cream design on the bottom part. It is also accompanied with a detachable long brown hair clip. A tail piece is also included with the onesie. This cute little onesie is perfect to wear during the summer or even at your night parties. Other accessories such as the heart and the horn are also included in the complete set.

In the case of the “Kagura” Adult animal kigurumi, this kitty costume is probably one of the most popular ones. This one is designed in the image of the “Transformation Robo” from the popular Japanese anime series of the same name. This kitty onesie is fully lined and has adult animal designs on the entire material. It also comes with two pink hearts that replace her eyes. On the inside of the costume, her trademark black color is also present.

One of the most unique ones are the “Bunny Costumes”. Adult animal kigurumi costumes which feature a bunny design are quite unique. The “Bunny Costumes” adult animal kigurumi is made in the shape of a bunny. Aside from the ears, eyes, nose, tail, and hair, it also includes the legs and feet, making it one of the cutest ones you will ever see. Complete with a bow and ribbon at the back, this kitty costume also comes with a pair of bunny ears.