In addition to a large number of decent superheroes, the characters of many villains have left a deep impression on their unique image and maverick. They are uncharacteristically sought after.

Speaking of villains, it’s not hard to think of the weird clowns in the suicide squad. The role of the clown has long been loved by many actors, and you can easily see him in many exhibitions.

Joker is the super villain of DC Comics and Batman’s number one enemy. His real name and life experience remain a mystery. The fatal attraction of the clown is that, if the order represented by Batman is a superficial phenomenon of our society, then the clown symbolizes hidden confusion. The reason why this character is deeply rooted in people’s minds is to eliminate cruelty and madness. He often tells the truth that everyone ignores. Although this truth will make us jealous, bitter and unacceptable, it is ultimately the truth.

Just as Batman can summon the courage of every one of us, Joker can always let us face the horror of life, the cruelty hidden in laughter, and realize that this cruelty is not a hole in the wind, but its production By humans. Society is indifferent to the weak.

Of course, there is no denying that the author also plays an important role in his arrogant appearance. He is a freak with green hair, white skin, red lipstick and purple clothes. Thanks to his flamboyant appearance, lethal appeal and secretive work style, he topped the US media’s top 100 list of Comic Book Villains. It has become the darling of role-playing players who like to challenge and seek new thrills.

If you are also looking forward to this, then it is necessary for you to check the following clothing introduction.

Purple long leather coat

The dark purple fur coat exudes a mysterious high-end temperament. When you wear it, you will definitely feel a strong aura. Large lapels have always been the standard for outerwear, and I believe you must be the most dazzling in this show.

Shorts and leggings

Purple, yellow, silver and white shorts are dotted with stars, with “HAHA” on the head, showing the personality of the clown. There is a black and white bat pattern on the leggings.

 Big golden chain

The big golden chain can be said to be the most authentic clothing match. It has a suffocating feeling, which is very consistent with the temperament of a clown. Of course, you can find similar accessories in any store, or choose our website:

Hope we can bring you a different role playing experience. At the end, I have a little suggestion. I think this dress goes well with Harley Quinn’s, so you know.

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