One of the hottest new holiday decorations this year is the adult animal kigurumi. These adorable, yet sexy, animal kimonos and socks are super easy to make and super quick to put together. A few materials are all you need to create your own unique enemies. Plus, it’s a great way to dress up any wardrobe! You can find instructions for making these sexy adult animal kigurumi onesies for either boy or girl.

The cute animal onesie Japanese kigurumi cosplay pajamas are made from a mixture of two fabrics. Each fabric is dyed in different shades of pink and has unique characters on them. The patterns are usually flowers or Celtic knot work. They’re soft and fit snuggly against the skin so they’ll be comfortable as sleepwear.

To create these adult animal kigurumi onesies for either boy or girl, start by selecting a fabric that will make the baby’s legs appear longer. Lightweight cotton is the best choice here, since it won’t feel too heavy or stuffed up. If you don’t have light weight cotton baby clothing, you can always use cotton knit or chiffon. Be sure to add a bottom layer that’s a bit thicker and colorful to complete the look.

Next, choose a pattern you like for the baby’s body. Most boys prefer flowers on their bodies while girls favor Celtic knot patterns. Some might even go for fairy tales characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or other cartoon characters. A blanket or quilt is a good idea to soften the material as you sew the character ones together. Once the legs are done, your child can wear the one piece as a sleeper until the next wash.

After putting on the ones, you can now use your sewing machine to assemble the parts together. Sewing them all would take you longer than just sewing the body. In fact, you might want to sew all the way to the bottom so that the tiny toddler wouldn’t get a hole in his sleepwear. You can also use the elastic bands to make the legs extra long and mobile. If you have a lot of time, you can even add on a tail or a cute bow for a unique look.

Adult animal kigurumi enemies also come with stuffed animals. Again, you can either use these or another type of material. It is up to you. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size. A baby would fit perfectly in these.