Rolex Watch Buckle Fine Adjustment

Jun 19 2017

The skill requirement of the Rolex watches is very high, which can not only meet the normal function of the watch, but also need to consider to the humanized design, including the small details requirements of simple reading time, comfortable wearing, comfortable, simple and smooth Fine Adjustment. It is said that small details will show great articles, today we will bring people together to appreciate the Rolex GLIDELOCK strap buckle technology.

Rolex GLIDELOCK strap buckle technology
This watch strap link stretching system installed in the new Submariner watches was designed and researched and developed by Rolex and it acquired the patent. It is not only easily operated, but also that you can wear watch even you are wearing the diving suit with the thickness of 3mm. when you look at the Rolex Glidelock watch strap buckle, you will find that this buckle apart from the easy operation, still has many favorable advantages to the wearers. Born in the year of 2008, this Rolex buckle design was equipped in the Rolex Submariner watches and Submariner Calendar watches to let the divers can adjust the length of the watch strap so as to wear the watch on the diving suite of 300 thick. The watch strap can gradually stretch with 2mm per link and can stretch to 20mm without using any tools.

Rolex Submariner Watch Buckle
Double button watch buckle design along with the integrated the Additional stretching of the diving suite. The watch buckle is easy to open and close, and is very solid at the same time. The stretching part is also very easy to operate. The watch buckle has very good feel, which is the best watch buckle in the eyes of many Rolex fans. The glaze surface of large area is very easy to be scratched. This Watch buckle does not provide Fine Adjustment which reduce the overall comfort of strap.

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