Breitling Launching Replica Breitling Cockpit B50

Apr 04 2019

Breitling launches its multiple-functions digital chronograph which is fitted with movement that can both see hands and digital display, once again confirming its status in collaborating with aerial industries. The Cockpit B50 watch which is specially design for pilots has a lot of practical functions and is easy to use and read time. So this is a new revolution and challenge to the traditional mechanical aerial watches.

Breitling builds Cockpit B50 into a pure watch for professional. The case is made of titanium and is processed through the highly-dense carbon that makes it light but firm. What is more important is the unusual performance and functions.

Breitling Cockpit B50 is developed specially for professionals, such as pilots, and it integrates a lot of useful functions. In addition to the fly-back, there are second time zone display, perpetual calendar, double alarm clock, chronograph and final count down. What’s more, Breitling has new inventions on Cockpit B50, such as Electronic tachometer and the flying time counting (to calculate the flying time through recording the departure time and arriving time). B50 is also fitted with UTC so that you change your time as you wish. Due to the clever design, you can switch to the second time zone by pressing the button and the system will change the time accordingly.

In order to be easy to manipulate it, B50 has a simple and highly-compatible system and you just need to screw the crown to pick one or other functions and through two buttons to start it and stop it. Besides, the dial can display user-interface information through the LCD in the dial, to lead users to do adjustments. In addition to pilot mode, B50 also has sport mode and just pressing consecutively on the crown would park the hand’s working, and stop it.

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