Month: April 2019

Reviews on the Rolex Submariner Replica

Apr 18 2019

All the Rolex watches seems same to you before you know much about it. Only after you gradually learn it, will you find the infinite energy within it. Nothing ever or never can replace Rolex in watch-fans, just like the…

Breitling Launching Replica Breitling Cockpit B50

Apr 04 2019

Breitling launches its multiple-functions digital chronograph which is fitted with movement that can both see hands and digital display, once again confirming its status in collaborating with aerial industries. The Cockpit B50 watch which is specially design for pilots has…

Panerai Radiomir Watches

Apr 03 2019

At the eve of the World War Two in 1936, Panerai invented the first trial work for Italian navy commandos. In 1940, Italian Navy required more on the Radiomir as every watch would go through the severely tests under the…

Flying With Dream-IWC Pilot Classic

Apr 01 2019

Flying in the sky were dreams of many people, and for most of them, piloting a plane is nothing but a castle in the air, which cannot come true. But getting a pilot’s watch and imaging yourself in a cockpit…